Writer's Block

Guy at the Jagermeister Writer's Block is the place to find the scrawlings of Guy Jones.
There will also be links to the works of other writers and odds and sods that might be of interest.

It will build with time and change and become much more interesting, but for now, this is what it is.

Not Just for Christmas

You can blame it on the force 9
of economic variables
forever making unforecast landfall
though to be fair
the signs were there in the isobars
from the last time
one came to blow our homes away.

You can blame it on those who bluster out
loaded figures showing
just for the record
that funding is up
to support/prevent
yet still jetsam gathers in doorways
and the barometer swings in the same old direction.

You may even blame it on the victims.
You won't be the last.

You can blame on who you like.
It only happens to 'other people'
after all
there is no such thing as bad weather
just unfortunate clothing.

collar up against the prevailing
you pass another one
wrapped in shabby unfortunateness
hunkering down below the dew point
asleep? off of his face? worse?
and you hold off the nagging thought
"I'm only a pay cheque away".

Guy Jones

Homeless article

Cooler Yule
Hothouse Theatre's Christmas Film for 2017

 Well, you've waited all year for this one ... well someone might have done!

And let me tell you that a lot of work went into it ... well a lot of work went into keeping a straight face whilst cobbling it together.

So, to paraphrase that irritatingly over played seasonal Slade ditty ...

... Here it is Merry Christmas ... 2017 ... enjoy!

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The Tragic Tale of Beyone's Sister
 This has been quite a year for fake news and not wanting to be left out, Hothouse Theatre's youth projects have been beavering away creating their own ...


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Killer Marsh Mallows
 Writing, or at least creative storytelling is for everyone. This project came about with a youth group of people with support needs who wanted to make a film.

After several session helping them work out a plot it transpired that no one wanted to actually go in front of the camera ...

So a radio play!

The plot?

A princess, a sweet shop and some killer marsh mallows ...

Raise Money for Your Group

 Want a novel way to raise money for your group?

Hothouse Theatre are looking for partner organisations to help stage the production and to share the box office on a 50:50 basis.

The organisations need to be not for profit, be able to provide a small space for performance and potential audience of members and supporters.


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Nottingham Writers’ Club

Calendar of events
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Five Leaves Bookshop

Catch up with what is going on at Five Leaves Bookshop in Nottingham.
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City of Literature

Check out what's on in Nottingham City of Literature
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Story Competitions

National Short Story Competition 2018

There will be three main prizes – £200, £100 and £50 – plus five runners-up prizes. The story must contain no more than 2,000 words excluding the title. Click here

The Rock 'n Roll Half

 Guy will by running ... in the loosest sense of the word ... the 13.1 gruelling miles of Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon around Liverpool on 20th May.

It's all to Raise funds for the Get Involved Project.
Engaging young people with special support needs in the production of the Oh My Nottz online magazine.

Don't let it be in vain!

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Tourist Running Guy
Follow Guy's experiences on the jogging circuit.
At times gently amusing he is never more than a sentence or two from giving it all up and going back to being the drunken slob that comes naturally to him.
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Notts Bookshops

Five Leaves Bookshop
One of the few independents to open in any UK city centre this century! Find us opposite Nottingham Tourism centre.

14A Long Row Nottingham click here

Online Publications

Nottingham Books
A website dedicated to books about Nottinghamshire and those written by Nottinghamshire authors click here

For The Love of George
by Guy Jones
An adaptation of the monologue that was a critical success at the Edinburgh Festival 2000. It follows the experience of a woman trapped in violent marriage and her relationship with George and biology.
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Author of the Dominion City Blues series.

DOMINION CITY BLUES is a cyberpunk trilogy of novels set in an isolated island city state of the near-future. The trilogy is supported by novella-length stories exploring the backgrounds of a variety of characters appearing in the novels. Each work is intended as a stand-alone fiction though readers will find themselves rewarded the deeper into the series they choose to delve.
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Credo – Economic beliefs in a world in crisis
By Brian Davey

A comprehensive look at the world of economics from an alternative stand point. If you ever had the feeling that there was something wrong with the 'system' but couldn't get a handle on just what it was, then this is the book for you.

“Brian Davey’s book takes us on a journey through the dominant theories within the history of economics….In its fifty short, well-written chapters, the book contrasts economic theory with the growing body of evidence on the failure of economics.” Paul Mobbs, The Ecologist
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Roman Nottinghamshire
by Mark Patterson
A very readable account of what is known about the Romans in Nottinghamshire.
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