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Frontlines of Journalism
1. Off Balance

logo In the spring of 2023, twenty years after the Americans, the British and their allies invaded to overthrow Saddam Hussein, BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen was reporting from Iraq for the BBC. He described the invasion as 'a catastrophe'.

Taking you to some of the most difficult stories Jeremy and other journalists have covered; in this episode - why impartiality is not about trying to get perfect balance, the truth lying somewhere in the middle.  Often it does not.  

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How AI is making non-invasive mind reading a reality

logo For the first time, researchers have found a way to non-invasively translate a person’s thoughts into text. Using fMRI scans and an AI-based decoder trained on a precursor to ChatGPT, the system can reconstruct brain activity to interpret the gist of a story someone is listening to, watching or even just imagining telling.

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Hands of Time
by Rebecca Struthers
Episode 1

poster "A watchmaker’s world is not much bigger than a thumbnail.

I spend whole days working on mechanisms which can contain hundreds of tiny components. Each of them has a specific task to perform. Every morning when I sit at my bench, it is an adventure into a new timepiece with its own history to lose myself in. And in their history, we can find the history of time itself."

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Cotton Capital: Slavery
Episode 1: The bee and the ship – podcast
Maya Wolfe-Robinson
The Guardian

poster The first episode of the new Guardian podcast series Cotton Capital explores the revelations that the Guardian’s founding editor, John Edward Taylor, and at least nine of his 11 backers, had links to slavery, principally through the textile industry

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The Warsaw Ghetto: History as Survival
1. Oyneg Shabes

poster The extraordinary archive that secretly recorded daily Jewish existence in the Warsaw Ghetto – brought to life 80 years on from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

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Matthew Henson, Arctic explorer and pioneer
Great Lives

logo Matthew Henson was working in a shop when he met naval officer Robert Peary. Peary was so impressed with Henson that he invited him to accompany him on his expeditions to Central America. The two men formed a strong bond and over the course of two decades made multiple trips further and further North in a bid to reach the Pole.

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Uncanny is back


poster Uncanny is back... and in Season 2 Danny will continue to explore listeners' chilling tales of the paranormal, encompassing everything from poltergeists to cryptids to UFOs

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My Last 5p

logo It’s December 2013 and Toni Osborne is struggling, emotionally and financially. She’s five pence short of keeping her electricity on over Christmas.

As she heads out into the night to ask her local shopkeeper for help, a homeless man appears and asks for some change.

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Woke: The Journey of a Word

placard Matthew Syed traces the origins and evolution of the word 'woke', a term that's become synonymous with our era of angry debate.

Once a watchword for African Americans in the early 1900s, 'woke' is now used as an insult across the political spectrum. As the word has spread, what people actually mean by it has become less clear than ever. In this series, Matthew follows the evolution of 'woke' through five key stories.

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HS2 Ltd have got their nature calculations wrong
Wildlife Trusts

logo HS2 Ltd, the company responsible for the HS2 railway, had promised to make up for the damage the route would cause to nature.

Concerned by the huge risk to wildlife that the current route poses, we've spent almost a year looking into the official HS2 nature loss calculations. And the numbers don't add up. No-one has checked the detail. Until now.

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DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal
International Rescue

logo Devastating earthquakes have killed thousands of people in Turkey and Syria. Hundreds of buildings have been destroyed leaving survivors facing freezing conditions. People need help now.

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If I Can Dream
Elvis Presley Cover
by Georgia Crandon

Georgia Crandon I covered this anthem, written by Earl Brown and sung by Elvis Presley, a while back. It's a song about injustice, anger, love & hope for peace. I could never have anticipated that it would be released in such a pivotal time for equal rights.

It’s out now and it only feels right to donate 100% of proceeds from this track to The Black Lives Matter movement, to help anybody who’s hurting right now.

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Black Parents Explain How to Deal with the Police
This Matters

this matters logo Black parents explain to their kids how to deal with police.

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Keep calm and clear
with the Kanneh-Masons
Classical Focus

Kanneh-Masons Join the Kanneh-Mason family for two hours of soothing and serene sounds chosen by all seven siblings of this amazing force in classical music. Isata, Braimah, Sheku, Konya, Jeneba, Aminata and Mariatu have put together a collaborative playlist especially for Classical Focus, a beautiful mix of some of their favourite music tracks which they hope will lift, inspire and move you. Expect sounds from Chopin to Chick Corea as well as selections from their own interpretations of classical greats.

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Pakistan Water Well
Greengate Trust

child using water pump Build a Hand Pump Water Well today in your name, or that of a loved one, and uplift impoverished communities throughout Pakistan.

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Ignatius Sancho
Britain's Black Past

Gretchen Gerzina Professor Gretchen Gerzina explores a largely unknown past - the lives of black people who settled in Britain in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

She reveals a startling paradox - although Britain was at the heart of a thriving slave trade, it was still possible for many black people to live here in freedom and prosperity. A few even made it to the very top of fashionable society.

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victory of the library campaign

radford library ITV news report from 17th Jan on the successful campaign to save three Nottingham libraries

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