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Grenada: Confronting the past

grenada BBC World News anchor Laura Trevelyan discovered her family’s slave owning past only after the University College London database of slave ownership in the British Caribbean was published in 2013. Back in the 18th Century, the Trevelyan family were known as absentee slave owners on Grenada. The family never set foot on the island, but owned hundreds of slaves and profited for years from the sale of sugar harvested from five different sugar cane plantations.

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First-Ever Image of The Black Hole at The Center of The Milky Way
Science Alert

black hole Four and a half billion years ago, our pale blue dot was born in the rubble left over from the birth of a star. Since then, we've been locked in a cosmic dance; Earth whirls around the Sun; and the Sun whirls around the galactic center – the dark, mysterious heart of the Milky Way.

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Soyuzivka’s Support Ukraine Festival: July 15-17, 2022

ukraine fest Join Soyuzivka for live performances this July 15-17, 2022, including vendors, arts & crafts, games, music and much more as we Support Ukraine!

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Art Fund Museum of the Year 2022: Introducing the finalists

museum of the year The five museums selected as finalists for the Art Fund Museum of the Year have been announced. The 2022 shortlist champions organisations exemplifying creativity and resilience. Read on to see which institutions are in contention for the world's largest museum prize, with £100,000 awarded to the winner at the Design Museum ceremony in July.

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Truce Offers Chance to Steer Yemen in ‘New Direction’, Special Representative Tells Security Council, Cautions Parties against Backslide into Conflict
United Nations

united nations Hailing the announcement of a two-month nationwide truce between the parties to conflict in Yemen, top United Nations officials emphasized the importance of continued efforts to bring about an end to the once seemingly intractable crisis that has gripped the country for seven years.

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3 stories of how strangers are helping Ukrainian refugees

3 stories Alongside the horror and despair of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there are stories of hope and humanity, as strangers are stepping up to help refugees.

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Donate to protect children in Ukraine

unicef More than half of Ukraine’s 7.5 million children have now been forced to flee the ongoing violence. Homes, schools, water supplies and hospitals have been damaged or destroyed. Children have been separated from their families, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left without clean water, food or electricity. Explosives are a daily threat to children’s lives.

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Nottingham Ukrainian Cultural Centre

ukrainianculturecentre Welcome to the official page of the Ukrainian Culture Centre in Nottingham, which is run by the Nottingham branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)

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Yemen Appeal
Donate to help Yemen: we need urgent support from everyone reading this, right now.

yemen appeal Since 2014, Yemen has been in the middle of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, battling a crippling civil war, famine and disease outbreaks. Millions of people are starving, and there is virtually no healthcare system.

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9 Acts of Kindness Towards Ukraine’s People That Will Give You Hope
Global Citizen

9 Acts of Kindness There’s no two ways about it, the news has felt like a lot lately. Between the 2 a.m. doomscroll and the intravenous flow of heartbreaking headlines, it can feel like the world is rapidly rolling towards annihilation.

That’s why it's so important to take a moment to acknowledge all of the ordinary people who are out there doing good in the world.

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Tour of Britain 2022: Route announced for Nottinghamshire stage of cycle race

topurofbritain Tour of Britain 2022

Route announced for Nottinghamshire stage of cycle race.

The event returns to the county on 8 September. Andy Hawes is the tour's route director.

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Hothouse Theatre’s AGM

Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, 20th April

hothouse theatre The AGM will include the world premier of our latest audio project – Introducing Mr Charles Dickens – the life of Dickens in his own words - Part 1, Born in a Caul.

Oh, and there will also be a veggie buffet and it is all free.

Interested in coming along? Send us an email

Stand with Ukraine. Trade Unions March, London

Stand with Ukraine Stand with Ukraine. Trade Unions March, London

Thousands gather in London to show solidarity with Ukraine

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Anti-racism charter
National Education Union

National Education Union This framework has been designed to help you explore ideas around race equality and plan how to tackle racism with children, young people and staff.

It offers discussion starters in your workplace to help: Empower Black staff and pupils to explore and express what matters to them; Support young people’s right to speak out and engage as active citizens with the issues around racism that they care about; Challenge racial inequalities and oppressive racial norms and assumptions.

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Fossil of dinosaur killed in asteroid strike found, scientists claim

dinosaur killed in asteroid The limb, complete with skin, is just one of a series of remarkable finds emerging from the Tanis fossil site in the US State of North Dakota.

But it's not just their exquisite condition that's turning heads - it's what these ancient specimens are purported to represent.

The claim is the Tanis creatures were killed and entombed on the actual day a giant asteroid struck Earth.

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Welcome to the Win + Welcome Weekly Lottery
International Rescue

international rescue Play IRC’s Win + Welcome Lottery for double the rewarding feeling! You’ll have the chance to win cash prizes of up to £500 every week. You’ll also support refugees to have a warm, safe welcome after they’ve fled conflict and disaster.

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Nottingham Coach to London demonstration 9 April
Notts Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

london demo Join the coach from Nottingham for the national labour movement demonstration in solidarity with Ukraine in London We will call for

*Russian Troops Out Of Ukraine *No To Putin's War * Support Ukraine's Trade Unions * Ukrainian refuges welcome

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Nottingham March, 19th March 2022

On Saturday 19th March, Nottingham held a march in support of the people of Ukraine.

Over 400 people took part in the march, which went from the Robin Hood statue, round the centre of town, and ended up at the Brian Clough Statue.

A group of young people recorded the event for an Oh My Nottz report.

Here is the slideshow made up of some of the photos they took.

Donate to help Yemen: a large humanitarian crisis
British Red Cross

red cross The situation is desperate. But we won’t give up on people in Yemen.

Five years into the conflict and Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. In the last year we’ve seen coronavirus emerge as a lethal threat to an incredibly vulnerable population. This is in addition to the stark reality you’ve probably heard about before:

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UNHCR We urgently need your help to provide lifesaving protection to families forced to flee their homes in Ukraine.

Right now, you have the opportunity to help twice as many displaced families — thanks to a group of generous donors, all donations are being DOUBLED until we reach £210,000.

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World Food Programme

world food program yemen Even before fighting broke out in early 2015, Yemen was one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. With an average life expectancy below 64, the nation is ranked 179th out of 189 in the 2020 Human Development Index.

Seven years of conflict have left thousands of civilians dead and 4.2 million people displaced. Its impact on the country’s infrastructure has been devastating, with major overland routes and airports severely damaged.

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Ukrainian celebrity chef offers free gourmet meal to refugees
DW News

Celeb Chef This Ukrainian celebrity chef is offering a free gourmet meal to refugees arriving in Lviv.

DW News

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Support Yemen This Ramadan
The Greengate Trust

The Greengate Trust Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people – some 80 per cent of the population – in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children. The current level of hunger in Yemen is unprecedented and is causing severe hardship for millions of people. Despite ongoing humanitarian assistance, over 20 million Yemenis are food insecure, of which nearly 10 million are acutely food insecure, unfortunately.

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Ukrainian kangaroos rescue captures world’s heart
News AU

kangaroos A Ukrainian man has braved heavy Russian shelling to rescue 10 kangaroos that were trapped in a zoo in Kharkiv.

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Forced to flee Ukraine, a Syrian student is reunited with his parents in UK
The National News UK

student reunited When Naeem Hijazi heard the rockets and missiles landing in Kharkiv, Ukraine, he could not believe he was going to have to escape yet another war.

The Syrian medical student had arrived in Ukraine only two months earlier after fleeing conflicts in Sudan and Syria before that.

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Yemen: Why is the war there getting more violent?

yemen war The civil war in Yemen, one of the Arab world's poorest countries, has grown even more violent since the start of this year.

The Saudi-led coalition backing the country's official government has spent seven years fighting a rebel group called the Houthis, using mainly air strikes They, in turn, have used drones and missiles to attack both Saudi Arabia and its ally, the United Arab Emirates.

Because of the war, Yemen is now facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

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How Ukraine Emerged As A Democracy In The 21st Century
History Hit

history hit Historian Matt Lewis explains how an independent and democratic Ukraine emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, gradually weakening the influence of Moscow on the country's affairs.

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Donate to protect children in Yemen

children of yemen Yemen is facing a major humanitarian crisis. A devastating conflict has left children and families in urgent need of food, water and medical supplies. Currently, 1.71 million children are internally displaced. No place in Yemen is safe for children.

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Ukraine appeal: Help us provide urgent food
UN World Food Programme

un world food programme Civilians trapped in Ukraine need your urgent help. Families are experiencing food shortages, especially where fighting is flaring. Food is running low and grocery stores shelves are almost empty in the worst affected areas of Ukraine.

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Grocers’ Charity Award Funds to Support Hothouse Theatre Youth Work

grocers' charity The Grocers’ Charity are supporting our work with young people to produce content for our online magazine Oh My Nottz. The funds will be used to run workshops and activities to produce podcasts, audio sketches and reports.

The email from the charity said;
I am pleased to advise you that the Trustees, having considered your application submitted on 13/07/2021, have approved a grant of £4,987.00 in support of your project/programme: "Towards the full project costs of creating online audio content for young people’s creative ideas to be realised. Young people will create chat show style podcasts; local news bulletins, and audio dramas/sketches."

Grocers' Charity

David Attenborough remembers Poppy the mountain gorilla

Poppy the mountain gorilla 40 years ago, Sir David Attenborough had a famous encounter with a family of mountain gorillas. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, that family is thriving.

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Run For Ukraine
Nice Work

run for ukraine As tragedy unfolds in the Ukraine, we would like to do something heartfelt and special in support of all those suffering as a result of this violent and terrible conflict.

We would like to invite our running community to take part in the Ukraine Virtual 10k, 5k and 2k. Race Entries cost £15 and £10 from every race entry will be donated to the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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We tried new Caribbean fusion restaurant in Leicester city centre and found sunshine on a plate
Leicester Mercury

caribean bowl This is a lovely spot, offering a relaxed environment in which you can enjoy food that's a bit different to other city eateries.

I enjoyed my colourful, flavoursome selection, which was like sunshine on a plate, providing me with a taste of the Caribbean in the heart of Leicester.

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Call on the UK government to welcome refugees fleeing Ukraine
International Rescue

international rescue Since February 24, when Russia’s military entered Ukraine and the bombardment began, more than 2 million people have fled across borders. The UK must ensure that people fleeing Ukraine – including non-Ukrainian nationals– are offered sanctuary in the UK. Are you with us?

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Lviv City of Literature Message to Nottingham
Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature

nottingham city of lit A message from the Lviv City of Literature, to Nottingham City of Literature.

The message is read in both English and Ukrainian.

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World Athletics Indoor Championships: Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchikh wins high jump gold

Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchikh Watch Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahuchikh win gold in the women's high jump at the World Athletics Indoor Championships.

The 20-year-old opens up on how difficult it was psychologically to compete given the ongoing conflict in her country.

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Protesters march through Nottingham city centre in solidarity with Ukraine
Nottingham Post

nottingham protest A demonstration in Nottingham city centre took place today (March 19) as protesters set off on a solidarity march with Ukraine. Members of the Nottingham Ukraine Solidarity Campaign - a group of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian's opposed to the war and invasion - organised the rally and were joined by hundreds of others.

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Russia denies cosmonauts board space station in Ukrainian colours

blue and yellow cosmonaughts Russia's space agency has rejected claims that three Russian cosmonauts boarded the International Space Station wearing Ukrainian colours, in a possible statement against the war.

The first arrivals since Russia's war began were shown wearing bright yellow suits with blue trimmings.

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Active Partnerships: our collective response to the war in Ukraine
Active Notts

ukrainian flag Last week, Active Partnerships from across the country came together to discuss how we can play our part in responding to the horrific crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

We fully recognise that the atrocities taking place in Ukraine are happening within the wider context of war and refugee plight right across the world. We stand not only with the people of Ukraine, but with all victims of war, and hope that together we can use the power of sport and physical activity to welcome, include and embrace all refugees.

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War on Truth

BBC What do you do when you’re Ukrainian and your cousin in Russia refuses to believe her country is attacking your home?

After spending days huddled in an air raid shelter, Kristina and her family managed to flee the capital Kyiv with just the few possessions they could carry.

Her ordeal has been made that much worse because her cousin in Russia - who’s been watching Russian TV - remains convinced that it’s actually the Ukrainian forces who are bombing their own country.

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Housing for Ukrainian Refugees
Ukraine Take Shelter

ukraine take shelter is an independent platform connecting Ukrainian refugees with potential hosts and housing.

This website is a public bulletin. We encourage everyone with spare space to post a listing and to mark their listing as filled once they have successfully taken in refugees.

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Ukraine & Yemen: a Tale of Two Wars
Peter Oborne
Double Down News

double down news “War is ok, something you can sing & dance about when it happens in Muslim countries, but deadly serious when it happens in Europe”

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Ukraine war: Demonstrator disrupts Russia's flagship evening news broadcast

russian news protest Russia's flagship evening news broadcast on Channel One has been disrupted by an anti-war demonstrator.

The placard she held read: “Stop the war, don’t believe propaganda, they’re lying to you”.

The demonstrator, identified as Marina Ovsyannikova, reportedly an editor at Channel One, also released a statement on her actions.

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March in support of Ukraine
Notts Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

Robin Hood Statue
Sat 19th March, 1:30 p.m.

march in nottingham We are Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian people of Nottingham united in opposition to Putin's war of conquest of Ukraine.

We will be marching around the centre of Nottingham in support of Ukraine's fight against Putin's invasion.

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Ukraine war: Details of new UK visa scheme for refugees announced

how to house a ukraine The government has launched a Homes for Ukraine website for people wanting to register to host a Ukrainian refugee.

Housing and Communities Secretary Michael Gove said the nation has a "long and proud history of supporting the most vulnerable during their darkest hours".

There will be no limit to the number of Ukrainian refugees who can be hosted in the UK under the new visa scheme.

Households will be paid £350 a month, tax free, per residential address.

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Violinists Support Ukraine

violin Ukrainian violinists are joined in harmony by top violinists across the world. 94 violinists. 29 countries.

We play an old Ukrainian folk song called Verbovaya Doschechka. Nine other young violinists sheltering in Ukraine join in unison, and are accompanied in harmony by players from London Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony, Oslo Philharmonic, the Hollywood Studios, and top violinists from all over the world including Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, Georgia, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Moldova, Denmark, India, and the entire violin section of the Munich Chamber Orchestra!

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