Woodland Workshops
with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Woodland Workshops are designed to get young people out in the woods learning new skills, respect for the woodland and to have fun.

It is all part of an initiative from the UK’s network of 47 wildlife trusts. The aim is to make sure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy wild spaces and to value and respect them. There is also growing evidence that being involved with the natural world has untold health benefits.

It is also important that the next generation value the natural environment if it is to survive under the growing pressures of the rest of this century. The emphasis on the workshops is safe fun. There is a chance to make fire, build dens and to learn more about the natural environment around you.

“We will be physically, mentally and spiritually impoverished if our children are deprived of contact with the natural world. Contact with nature should not be the preserve of the privileged. It is critical to the personal development of our children.” Sir David Attenborough.

Woodland Workshops with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust
The Woodland Workshops are funded by the Postcode Lottery.

If you are interested in organising a Woodland Workshop for your group they contact the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

About the Woodland Workshops

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