Benefits of Giving Up Sugar

OK, I know you are fed up with people going on about how you should give everything up because it is bad for you.

And I know that it seems that if you followed all the advise that comes out of the official sources from the 'Ministry of Not having a Good Time' you wouldn't so much live longer as it would seem like it was longer because you were bored stiff.

So I am not going to tell you to give up anything.


Did you hear that pin drop?

Another pause.

OK. So I lied. I am going to go on about sugar ... again.

Last time it was to tell you what harm it does. If you missed that one then you can still check it out.

This time I am going go on about the benefits of giving up sugar.

It will put you in a better mood

Every now and then do you find yourself behaving like a bit of dork and really getting up your friend's nose? Well this might not be the result of withdrawal from a sugar overdose. It might just be that you are a bit of a dork who generally gets up your friends nose from time to time.

But it is worth a try. Give up all that cake you trough down because you 'deserve it' and see if it makes a difference.

Food that puts you in a bad mood

You will sleep better

There are many things that can get in the way of a good night's sleep. Not all of them you can do anything about. Neighbours who act out the latest horror movies in full costume, at full volume, at 3 in the morning might be a problem you will just have to live with and over active bed bugs, with an insatiable appetite, could be difficult to sort out. Sugar on the other hand is easy. Don't eat all those biscuits that just kind of go with every cup of tea you have and you might just find that you start getting some quality shut eye at last.

Foods that affects sleep

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Better memory

We all have those moments when we find ourselves arriving in the spare room, knowing that there was a reason to go there. That there was something sort of important that you needed to get and that something else will depend on you getting it. But for the life of you, you can't remember what in heaven's name it was and what you were going to do with it.

This could of course just be early onset dementia, though unlikely. Before you take yourself down the Dr's waiting room, and make a complete dork of yourself getting up the Dr's nose trying to convince her that you should be admitted at once, to a local nursing home and in the process reduce the average age of the residents by 20 years, try giving up all those chocolate bars you devour, as a substitute for actual food, every time you feel a little peckish. It might be just a little better for you.

Sugar and memory loss

Loose Weight

Feeling like a snake that has swallowed a hippopotamus? Need to loose weight? You could try lots of exercise. You could see it you can get liposuction on the National Health or have a gastric ring fitted.

But come on, wouldn't it just be easier to stop stuffing all those soft gummy sweets down your throat because you've got a little time on your hands and some change in your pocket?

Ways sugar makes you fat

Look more youthful

Now I am not suggesting that this will have the same effect as changing your name to Dorian Gray, getting your mate to paint your portrait, which you then hide away in the attic while it ages and you stay forever young.

But sugar does age you. So giving it up will ... think you've got it.

Cut sugar and look younger

These are just some of the benefits of giving up sugar. For more have a look at this blog

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