Liverpool Rock 'n Roll

Emily's First Marathon

 £5,000 is a lot to raise and it's going to take sometime to get there. Especially going by Guy's pitiful efforts so far! (feel free to donate to Guy's target - it's all going to the same cause and it would make him feel better.)

On the way there will be ups and downs and significant weekends ...

Well this week end is one of those! Not sure yet whether it will be an up or a down but it will certainly be significant!

This weekend is the weekend of the Liverpool Rock 'n Roll Marathon!

Sun 20th May!

Whilst Guy will be impressing no one with his feeble 13.1 miles of the half marathon, Emily will be pulling out all the stops, climbing her own personal Everest and disproving the lie of her old school report that said, and I quote, "avoids even the most trivial exercise."

With cries of, "don't try this at home!", "training is for wimps" and "running gels are the answer!" (which begs the question), she will be attempting the near impossible in under 6 hours.

She will of course have a dedicated support crew on hand, who, by the time she's finished, will have spent the best part of 4 hours in post half marathon rehydration therapy.

So, as long as they remember to leave the pub on time, can still actually find the finish line and don't have to spend the crucial moments queuing for the loo, Emily should get a bit of cheer over the line.

Apart from that ... she is on her own!

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Emily's Target - £3,500

 Emily is running her first Marathon
The Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon 20th May - to raise money towards her target of £3,500 in memory of her dad.

Follow her training exploits and donate to the cause click here

Guy's Target - £500

 Guy ran the Chester Half Marathon at the end of April.

OK it's not a marathon, but it is still a bloody long way!

Check out his report on the way to donating to the Smith Challenge!

Follow his training exploits and donate to the cause click here

Smith Challenge
Raising £5,000 for Earl Mountbatten Hospice

This site is dedicated to the wonderful Andy Smith.

Andy died in February 2018. During his final days he was cared for by The Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

The Smith family have decided to thank the Hospice for their support by raising £5,000 towards their running cost. Each member of the family has given themselves a personal target.

The Story So far

Donations have been coming in from all over the place including from as far a field as Australia and U.S.A.

So far The Smith Challenge has raised


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