Emily's target - £2,000

My wonderful Dad passed away earlier this year and as a family we will be forever indebted to the amazing staff and volunteers at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice for showing both him and us amazing care, kindness and love in his final few weeks.

Steve, Debbie, Lena, Annie, Anna, Roo, Laura, John and the rest of the team moved mountains to make sure Dad and the rest of the family had everything we needed through this very difficult time. In his three weeks in the hospice and then his final two weeks at home Dad and the rest of us were secure in the knowledge that nothing was too much to ask and help and support was available 24/7

As an organisation the hospice receives 35% of its funding through the NHS and the rest comes from donations and fundraising. As a family we are determined to show our absolute appreciation the only way we know we will make a definite difference - by fundraising for this excellent cause to ensure that other people can feel as safe, as loved and as cared for in their final days as Dad felt.

I will be doing several daft things for Earl Mountbatten Hospice because of their care, love and kindness given to Dad

Emily Jones

Please give generously

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Emily's Updates


There are many daft things that you can do on Boxing Day to blow away the effects of the Christmas pud, third helping of Christmas roast and the memory of those tedious board games that you only ever play when the extended family move in for the festive season ...

A dip in the Irish sea?

Well that what Emily is doing this year to raise some cash for Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

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Rock N' Roll Marathon - Liverpool


It's all getting a bit close now.... this time next week I'll be a 'Marathoner'! (although I expect the reality is I'll be a 'stair-crawler!) I've picked up an injury to my knee that will no-doubt slow me down, but I'm determined to have the best day ever as I know Dad will be there all the way with me and I will feel so proud to have supported the hospice. Thank you so much to those of you who have already sponsored me. For those of you who haven't..... it's not too late!

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This week I finally believe I can do this! Managed nearly 21 miles on Friday and actually enjoyed it!! Dedicated it to the lovely nurse Annie who came round to Almond Cottage many times in Dad's last week. Singing in my head 'Annie Annie Annie Annie!...... Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!' (to the tune of 'Ruby' by the Kaiser Chiefs) helped get me through the last 5 miles! As did the numerous donations made so far by my wonderfully supportive friends and family....

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Thank goodness for boobs!! ...... Did a training run from Whitby to Robin Hoods Bay and back today.... face planted at the 10 mile mark and would have had much more damage had my right boob not taken the worst of it! Luckily I escaped with a scraped chin, nose, knee, elbow and a very bruised right boob!! If you feel even slightly sorry for me then please consider donating to this brilliant cause. Todays training run was dedicated to Lena who was one of the wonderful nurses who came out to help Dad and us as a family.....

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