oh my nottz Oh My Nottz is Hothouse Theatre’s youth project which uses the production of an online youth magazine for Nottinghamshire to work with disadvantage and disengaged young people throughout the county.

The aim is to increase their confidence, widen their horizons and increase their aspirations.

Hothouse Theatre is a registered charity and can only keep this working going through donations from the community. All donations are gratefully received.

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Thunder Run 2017

 Thunder Run is a 24 hour trail relay race consisting of 10k laps around Catton Park, on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border.

Guy will be running this gruelling race to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre's 2017-18 theatre season.

Guy will be running in a team of 8. The aim is to do 3 laps each over the 24 hours of the race.

"Last year I got 1.5k into my second lap at 1:30 a.m. before 'finding' a pot hole, doing my ankle in, and hobbling the rest of the lap. Before settling down by the campfire and 'red wining' with the emphasis on 'whining' my way through the rest of the event.

This year I have a date with the 1:30 shift!" - Guy

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Tourist Running Guy Guy ran this year's Thunder Run through mud and slurry.It's got to be worth a donation!

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Hothouse Theatre has been working with the group to help produce videos to promote their work and get the message across.

Keeping it Wild are prompting nature conservation through out the younger generation as well as representing young people's views to the rest of the Wildlife Trust.


Any donations would be gratefully received.

You will also be able to donate directly to the Keeping it Wild group shortly. We will put a copy of their sponsorship form here.

The Round Sheffield Run takes place on 25th June ... around Sheffield.

Keeping it Wild Website

Idle Valley Presentaton

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All donations are gratefully received no matter how large or small.

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